Pediatric Dentist, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Nature of Associateship
We have a very clear path for the candidate and it is flexible regarding timelines, this will help in establishing the partner financially to help him/her in paying school debt and prepare them for ownership while working under minimal stresses:
• Associateship for 12 months minimum (40-45% on collections) + bonuses
• Associateship leading to partnership within 24 to 36 months of start date
• First right of refusal to the associate (regarding buy in)
• Second and third associates can be added as part of the growth plan (currently we can accommodate 2 full time associates out of one location)
• Usual restriction covenant will be applied to any associate.

Nature of Partnership
We are looking for a partner asap to increase and maintain growth potential:
• After the first 12-months we will appraise the practice independently (if you are ready for buy in)
• Practice partial sale must happen within 6 months of appraisal (if not, updated appraisal)
• Partner will be informed about expansion into other locations of the city even before they become partners, keeping you informed will be mandatory

Pediatric Competition
• The biggest competition in this area is General practices and mainly big dental groups (Corporate dentistry is starting to invade the area slowly).
• Pediatric Dental clinics were 6 in 2015, anticipated to be 10 before the end of 2017
• Referrals are reducing overtime in general
• General dentists are using/building surgical facilities in house.
• Marketing to end user is more costly.

Orthodontic Competition
• Invisalign and General dentists practicing orthodontics.
• More than 15 well established orthodontic clinics and another 10 new and mostly competitive practices are within the target market.
• Competitive marketing approaches by others.
• Referrals are reducing over time.
• Marketing to end user is more costly.

❖ We are the only dual specialty practice.
❖ Great location
❖ Different marketing approach
❖ Advanced market study and proactive approach
❖ Lower overhead in comparison to other practices
❖ In house surgical facility (Pending)

❖ On track of 1.5 Million this year (we started operation in March 2016)
❖ Over 80 new patients/ month
❖ Over 70% conversion rate
❖ Overhead is 70% currently but we are at less than 30% maximum capacity

❖ Potential revenue at this location at maximum capacity (6 Million for both specialties)
❖ Surgical facility accreditation (Pending)
❖ Overhead at maximum capacity should be around 50-55%
❖ Number of new patients grew by 500% since January 2017
❖ Revenue grew by 350% since January 2017
❖ Staff members are double what we had in January 2017

Expansion Plan
❖ Two additional locations within the city is the first stage of expansion
❖ One orthodontist/Two Pediatric Dentists/ One Hygienist per location potentially
❖ Additional growth opportunities are long term (over 5 years)

Position Requirements: 

We are looking for a skilled pediatric dentist with an exceptional track record treating children of all ages and someone who feels comfortable working with children with disabilities. The candidate must have a friendly and approachable disposition that appeals to young patients.
The applicant must be highly proficient in pediatric procedures including crowns, extractions, and appliances, with nitrous certification preferred.
• DDS/DMD from an accredited university
• Specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry
• Royal College of Dentists of Canada Fellowship in Pediatric Dentistry

102, 4222 Gateway Blvd
Edmonton, AB T6J7K1
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